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We started Three Fates Farm in 2006 after purchasing 22 acres in north eastern Illinois. Karen is
a small animal veterinarian and her husband Terry is a retired police officer, currently a Country
Companies insurance agent and main farm hand. When we started looking around at sheep
breeds we discovered the
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and realized that there were
many livestock breeds that needed efforts to conserve them. Our primary interest was in
providing wool for hand spinning. We were drawn to several different breeds on the conservation
list. Of course the jacob sheep were flashy with the two tone coloration (we are a dalmatian
owning family so you can see the immediate attraction). As we started contacting breeders for
additional information we have to say the jacob sheep breeders were the most friendly and
helpful group! We were hooked. Since we have owned these sheep we are thrilled with our
choice every day.

Late in 2008 we were fortunate to be able to purchase four leicester longwool sheep, another
breed in need of conservation efforts. Recently the LLW breed has been moved from
'threatened' status to 'critical' status. Quite different than the jacobs but also producing a good
handspinner's fleece. We are expecting our first lambs in 2009.

Our goals are to breed healthy sound animals with great fleeces and good temperaments. We
want to provide good quality registered breeding stock to help preserve these wonderful breeds.
We also focus on quality fleeces for the hand spinning market.

Jacob sheep are an ancient domesticated breed of sheep that originated in what is now Syria.
Jacob sheep are a small to medium sized breed, adult ranging from 80 to 140 pounds. The breed
is white with black or lilac spots over the body. Jacob sheep are carriers of the polycerate gene
so they have two, four or six horns. Both the rams and ewes have horns. Jacob sheep are hardy
and efficient. Ewes generally lamb easily and the lambs are hardy and active. The fleeces from
Jacob sheep are appealing to hand spinners. The wool can be separated in to white or black/lilac
or blended in a spectrum of grays. For more information on jacob sheep we suggest the
Sheep Breeder's Association website.


Leicester Longwool Sheep have a heavy, curly lustrous fleece with a long 10-12 inch staple. The
breed was developed in th 1700's. The breed was well known in the colonies and contributed to
the development of several other breeds. They had almost disappeared in North American when
in the 1980's Colonial Williamsburg set out to find this breed. An initial ram was found from a
Canadian flock but it was several years before Leicester ewes were found to start the project.
Purebred LLW's were imported from Australia after the tragic death of the initial ram. Through
assistance from the ALBC a breeding plan was designed to make the most of the limited genetic
material available. For more information on Leicester Longwool Sheep we recommend you visit
Leicester Longwool Breeders Association website. Leicester Longwools were recently moved
from 'threatened' status to 'critical' status as numbers are decreasing.
updated 8/6/2016
Leicester Longwool
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